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remus x sirius

fanfics by Rhea Silvia

1/23/06 10:23 pm - updates about works in progress!

Okay, I haven't finished anything since my first posting. I have about 7 pieces going, and just wrote down a bunch more ideas today. I need focus! One problem is that I keep seeing great fanart that inspires me.

Some of the things I am close to finishing:
- The boys realize they are in love while spending the summer with James, who is not too excited about this development.

- Super angsty piece where Snape assaults Remus, Sirius helps as best as he can.

- The boys have been keeping their relationship a secret from the rest of Howgwarts, and the pressure is getting to Remus.

- Sirius loses a bet, and Remus takes advantage of him. Not that Sirius minds.

- Post HBP AU: Remus gives in and marries Tonks. Through a series of awkward plot devices, they have a child. Tonks is murdered shortly before Voldemort's defeat. Sirius returns, confusing things are resolved, and they end up a happy family.

- James does not realize that there is more to S/R than hot sex, and he wants in on the action. Sirius has to straighten things out.

- Fun PWP with dominant Remus.

- AU: For reasons not yet worked out, S/R are raising Harry after James and Lily die.

If anyone is interested in any of those, let me know and I will try to focus my attention rather than hopping around. Also, everyone who makes fanart, I do enjoy the distractions. Thanks!

1/7/06 08:42 pm - Creature Comforts

Title: Creature Comforts
Author: Rhea Silvia
Archive: remusXsirius, SRBL yahoo group, Azkaban's Lair (?)
Summary: Set in MWPP 5th year. Remus has a nightmare and goes to Sirius for comfort. He gets that, and then some.
Spoilers: None that I can think of.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Sadly, none of the characters belong to me. Just borrowing them from JK Rowling for good times.
Originally posted: January 8th, 2006
Notes: My first fic! A little trite, a little cheesey, a little smut.
Dedications: Thanks to Jessy for the beta!
Feedback: lupa_larentia@yahoo.com

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12/5/05 11:53 pm - Stay tuned!

I'm finishing up my first couple remus/sirius pieces ever. Soon you can read them here!
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